About Me


I’m Nic and I’ve just finished an EngD in Environmental Technology with Brunel University. By training I am a researcher and a designer, primarily of user interfaces and graphics. My research interests lie at the overlap between users and technology and how this can affect the environment.

What is an EngD?

Well it is a bit different from your usual PhD so I thought I better explain it. An EngD is an industrial based doctorate and it takes four or more years. My industrial sponsor was a major building engineering firm in the UK and I worked in their inclusive design and sustainability groups. My sponsor was very generous and allowed me plenty of time for my research but not all EngD students are that lucky.

Alongside project work for the company you have to complete 12 masters levels modules and doctoral level research. This culminates in a thesis and publications like other similar qualifications but the thesis structure is less defined.

I’m not just an EngD

For a lot of this year the EngD has dominated my life. I don’t want to be defined by just that, I am a person too! I am also involved in the CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group as part of their steering committee. I tweet as @niccombe about things relating to research, energy and people. I play hockey and contribute to our twitter stream over at @WHHCUK. And I like to bake.


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