If you’d like to read the more formal writing outputs from my research please see below.


Reducing Domestic Energy Consumption Through Inclusive Interface Design
Submitted for the EngD in Environmental Technology, School of Engineering and Design, Brunel University, September 2012

Journal Papers

Combe, N. and Harrison, D. (2013) “A review and application of usability guidelines relating to domestic heating controls” Intelligent Buildings International, DOI:10.1080/17508975.2013.828585, Estimated Publication date – 19 Aug 2013 (Online)

Combe, N., Harrison, D., Craig, S., & Young, M. S. (2012) “An investigation
into usability and exclusivity issues of digital programmable thermostats” Journal
of Engineering Design, 23 (5) pp. 401-417. doi:10.1080/09544828.2011.599027

Combe, N., Harrison, D., Dong, H., Craig, S., & Gill, Z. (2011) “Assessing the
number of users who are excluded by domestic heating controls” International Journal
of Sustainable Engineering, 4(1), pp. 84-92. doi:10.1080/19397038.2010.491563

Book Chapters

Combe, N., Harrison, D., and Dong, H. “Designing Technology for Older People – The Role of Technical Self-confidence in Usability of an Inclusive Heating Control” Design, User Experience, and Usability. User Experience in Novel Technological Environments
Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 8014, 2013, pp 49-56

Conference Papers

Combe, N., Harrison, D., & Way, C. (2011) “Enabling Sustainable User Interaction
with Domestic Heating ControlsBuildings Don’t Use Energy, People Do? – Domestic
Energy Use and CO2 Emissions in Existing Dwellings, pp. 89-96, University of Bath.

Combe, N., Harrison, P. D., & Way, C. (2011) “Modelling the impact of user
behaviour on heat energy consumption” 2011 Conference Proceedings, Behavior, Energy
and Climate Change Conference, The Berkeley Institute of the Environment,
UC Berkeley.

CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group

All the presentations from the 2013 Summer Series can be found on our website now.


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